Scenic trails surround Montana Creek Campground. Go west to the mouth of Montana Creek, where it flows into the Susitna River. The walk to the midpoint is short and pleasant, then the trail goes under railroad tracks. From there, the trail is unimproved. You can also stroll on other trails to view wildflowers or berries in season.

Hike to Montana Creek Falls. The Luthman Trail is one of the most beautiful day hikes in the entire Upper Susitna Valley. The trail is four and a half miles long (one way) over gently rolling terrain until the last half-mile, which is steeper and offers more strenuous hiking. This hike should be considered "extreme" hiking, because prior floods removed pedestrian bridges built by the Upper Susitna seniors several years ago. Several stream crossings must be made, some on fallen logs, but others are more easily accomplished by wading across. Be aware that this stream can become swollen and dangerous at times of high water.

Close to the falls, the stream is forced into a narrow, raging stream tumbling over large boulders, and the only way to round the final bend and see the falls is to cross that part of the stream on a final log crossing. Montana Creek Falls is a two-tiered fall. To see the uppermost fall (which is the more spectacular of the two), climb the steep hill that begins where the trail appears to end. This portion of the trail is so overgrown it is barely discernable, but a beautiful view awaits those who persevere.

To find the Luthman Trail (named after the local homesteader who discovered the falls 30 years ago and, over the years, built most of the trail himself), drive north on the Talkeetna Spur Road to Mile 3. Turn right on Yoder Road and cross Montana Creek Bridge (approximately 2.6 miles). Turn left immediately after the bridge and park in the trailhead parking lot. (Shuttle service to the parking lot is available from our campground. There is a fee for this service.) Make noise as you hike; the trail is located in bear habitat and bears can be very dangerous. Please let someone know where you are going and what time you are departing. Be sure to pack plenty of snacks, drinking water and mosquito repellant.

"I remember camping with you a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it...the fish were literally jumping out of the water last time I was there..." - Kevin Heneveld